Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"...We cannot be transformed if we close ourselves off to the guiding power of the Holy Spirit.  We must come to believe - mind stretching as it sounds - that God really can and does personally attend to us.  As long as we are going to pray to the God who spoke the creation into being, who communicated to prophets and priests and kings - and ordinary people, who wrote a thousand page book we know as the Bible - and who refers to his Son as 'the Word made flesh,' then surely we accept the possibility that sometimes he may want to get in a word or two with us."
--John Ortberg, "The Life You've Always Wanted"

It's hard to believe, isn't it?  Seems impossible - almost ludicrous?

But it's true.

Make an opening for God in your heart and in your daily life... and you will see God in new ways - everywhere!  And there just may be ways God has been reaching out to you that you didn't even notice... 

All because you didn't believe...

My prayer for you today?  True belief.

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