Tuesday, May 4, 2010


"I can't tell you how many times I get calls from people who are really troubled, and they say, 'John Ed, what does the Bible say about my situation?  Where can I find some help?'  They're basically trying to borrow somebody else's knowledge about the Bible.  But the best thing is for us to be rooted and grounded in God's Word ourselves, so that his direction and guidance will come directly to us.  See, we can't be casual about it.

"Some folks say they just pick up their Bibles every now and then to look.  Have you ever heard the story about the man who decided he'd just flip open his Bible to see what God's Word was for him that particular day?  He opened it up, put his finger on a verse, and read that Judas went out and hung himself.  Not sure how that applied to his own life, he thought he'd try again.  This time he found a passage that said, 'Do likewise.'  He said to himself, 'Obviously there must be something wrong.  God wouldn't tell me to do that.'  So he tried again.  And finally, he flipped the page, put his finger down and read, 'What thou doest, do quickly.'

"See what can happen when we try to just pick the Bible up here and there, rather than looking at the whole picture and studying it regularly?  It'd be like trying to learn to surf while only hitting the ocean one day a year."
--Rev. John Ed, "Treasures of a Transformed Life"

The Bible seems like an obvious answer when we ask "Where do we look for God's guidance?"  But is it?  How many of us read the Bible - really READ it?  How many of us even know what the big picture is?

Looking to the Bible for guidance is so much more than picking it up now and then and pointing out a verse.  Maybe that has helped a time or two...  Maybe you've found word of healing or comfort that way...  But when it comes to seeking guidance and wisdom, it may be a chance to take some serious time to start reading.  Reading to know God better.  To know God's love and grace.  To know that God has great things in mind for each of us.

It's nice to hear those things said by a friend, a mentor, a pastor...  But even more amazing to see it in God's own words!

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