Thursday, May 13, 2010


"When we surround ourselves with other Christians and remind each other that we're all in this together, we learn so much more.  We find ourselves being more willing to step out and take risks, knowing that we're never alone."
--Rev. John Ed Mathison, "Treasures of a Transformed Life"

We say it all the time at church - it's important to come to worship, to fellowship and break bread together, and to share our stories of life and faith with each other.  We're not saying it because we want a club to belong to or because we want one day a week to feel popular...  We're saying it because these things are what make us who we are as Christians.

We come together at least one day a week to worship God.  To worship our creator and sustainer - together, in unity, and in community.

We come together for times to fellowship - to talk, laugh, play and get to know one another.  We seek that special time when we can find our similarities and differences and learn from one another and support each other.  We become family and friends through fellowship - not simply neighbors in the pew.

And yes, we tell our stories.  We share where our faith has made us strong, where life has made us weak, and where God has been in the midst of it.  We do this so that we know we are never alone on this journey.  We do this to build one another up, to strengthen one another's faith in tough times, to be able to say "you'll get through this, too."

One way we are guided through life is through each other.  Through our trusted Christian friends who help us discover new paths, old paths, and paths that lead to deeper faith and trust in God.

But we have to be willing to form those relationships.  To reach out.  To share.  To trust.  That's what a faith-friend is.

And we can learn so much about God through those relationships... 

Do you have a faith-friend?  How have they helped to guide you or to help you feel you are not alone?

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