Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"Guidance only makes sense for people who are resolved to respond...

"It only makes sense to ask God for guidance in the context of a life committed to 'seeking first the kingdom.'  The only kind of guidance God gives us is for living as Jesus would in our place.  We may have a great map of Cleveland, but before we consult it, we had better decide whether Cleveland is where we want to go...

"We should be determined that as best as we can, we will be responsive to God's leadings.  If we feel a prompting to write a note or make a call, we must follow through.  If we have a sense that God wants us to encourage someone, we must say the word."
--John Ortberg, "The Life You've Always Wanted"

Guidance is a two-way street.  We ask for help, we ask for advice, we ask for direction...  It only makes sense if we agree to follow it.

Have you ever had a friend seek you out to ask your advice?  You give it lots of thought and give them the best wisdom you have to offer...  and then...  they do the exact opposite.  Sometimes I wonder if God ever has that exhausted, let-down, did-I-really-just-waste-my-time-on-that(?) feeling - like I get. 

God wants us to come to him.  God wants to help us.  God has so many ways of helping us to live our best lives - lives where we are needed, loved, and cherished.  If only we will allow God to show us the way...

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