Friday, January 8, 2010


"When I worship, I would rather my heart be without words than my words be without heart."
--Lamar Boschman

How often do we come to worship, thinking of all the other places we could be, things we should be doing, errands to be running, meals to be cooking, meetings coming up this week...? How many times do we come to worship, too distracted to really focus on God?

Your challenge this week? Before you come to church, write down all the random "to-do" thoughts running through your head. Then, get to church 10 minutes early. Go sit in the sanctuary. Listen to the prelude. Quiet your mind. Spend some time in prayer and asking God to be at work in your heart and mind... and see what happens.

...Maybe, just maybe... you'll hear the words of the prayers, hymns, and scriptures in a whole new way... Maybe, God will feel closer... Maybe you'll find your heart opened and softened in a way that only full attention and worship can do!

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  1. This makes me laugh. Our church is becoming so friendly that people can't stop chatting; the time during the prelude is not a quiet time! There is happy chatter going on all over. I like to listen to it, though. I used to think we needed to be quiet at that time, to center ourselves. But I think the chatty friendliness that is happening at church is healing us!