Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday at SPUMC - Jan. 10, 2010

A cold day outside - but a warm and cozy day together in the body of Christ!

Education Hour started with some great discussions:
* The Children learned about making Jesus a priority in our lives! They were encouraged to take some time this week to read a few of their favorite scriptures and put Jesus first!
* The Confirmands discussed the beginnings of Jesus ministry. We thought about all the places we have been in the world - and the few places that Jesus had been, before he started his ministry... If we have such a bigger view of the world than Jesus did, at the time, what great things could we do to further his ministry today?
* Wired Word was led by Ryan this week and the discussion centered around the fact that no matter how good and faithful we are, we all are tempted at times to do wrong... We can continue in our faithful ways when we are surrounded by a community of faith and attend worship regularly.
* Bettie began her group discussing Caring Ministries and all the things we can do to care for each other and those in our community.

Worship was an introduction into the "where" and "how" we worship. We took a tour of the sanctuary and talked about the "gathering" pieces of worship. We gather as a community to share God's love in this holy space, we gather to hear one another's hurts and joys, to pray for one another and praise God through song and music. We also remembered that when we take moments to pray for our sins, they are moments of freedom to confess - knowing that our faith in God gives us the confidence that we are forgiven and loved, despite our mistakes.

Nancy did a great job as liturgist - even helping with our unusual scripture reading! The choir sounded great. Cathy led a wonderful children's sermon about the places we worship. And we sang many of your favorite hymns!

A great day - with God peeking around every corner!

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