Monday, January 11, 2010

Something More

"Have you ever been up late watching TV and felt drawn to the refrigerator?  You open the door and stare absently inside while the cold rushes out at your feet?  You don't know what will be satisfying, but finally pick out something to eat.  In a few minutes you are back in the kitchen to get something to drink, thinking that was what you wanted all along.  At last you are full - too full - and realize you weren't really hungry or thirsty after all.

"The first stage in the journey of spiritual growth is something like that.  But instead of the hunger being physical, it is a hunger of the heart.  Many people ignore this crucial moment of awakening because they do not understand what is happening to them.  It is a stage that can be both distressing and depressing because no matter what we do, our life just isn't what we once thought it was meant to be.  Confusion.  Unrest.  Dissatisfaction.  These are but three of the most common feelings at this time...

"Often the hunger of the heart is experienced as the desire to get something more out of life.  While there's nothing wrong with that, the hunger of the heart is really a reminder to bring something more into life.  That something more is an ongoing relationship with God and an ever-deepening faith."
--Ron DelBene

And a good place to start?  To begin to make an intentional choice toward God?  Worship.  Surrounding ourselves with people on the journey - each on their own journeys and willing to share - helps us to gather the courage and tools to take our next steps, too.

May your hungry heart be fed this week!

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