Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sometimes, we worship through action.  We put into action our thankfulness, our adoration, our prayers, and our praise of a God who calls us to help our neighbors.  And we DO something.

Last night, 18 people from St. Paul's UMC joined with 72 other people from around the metro area to serve at Feed My Starving Children.  We worked in teams to bag meals that will be sent to Haiti to feed hungry children whose lives have been devastated through poverty - and now the earthquake.  9 million meals have already made their way to Haiti in the last couple of weeks - another 5 million hoped to be shipped out within the next week or so.

Our group of 90 people last night?  We bagged over 15,000 meals in an hour and a half!  That will feed 44 kids for a year!

God blesses us each with gifts and abilities - and time.  It is worship to use those things to glorify him.  Awesome.

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