Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thinking About Chapter 10

Some personal devotion questions as you read Chapter 10...

1.  Hannah wanted a child so badly she promised God that she would give the child over to God.  Have you ever made a bargain with God?  What thing do you want the most?

2.  What do we learn from Hannah about how to pray?

3.  How did Eli help Samuel know when he was hearing the voice of God?  How can you tell when God is speaking to you?

4.  The Ark of the Covenant was treated like a good luck charm.  Do people treat God, or symbols of God, like that today?  What is the difference between giving God the respect God deserves, and treating a symbol like a rabbit's foot?

5.  Samuel was hurt that the Israelites wanted a king, instead of remembering God was their king.  Why was this such a temptation for them?  When have you found it hard to trust God to take care of you?

6.  Why do you think it was hard for Saul to admit to Samuel when he was in the wrong?  Rate yourself from 1-10 on your ability to own up to your mistakes.

7.  God repeatedly chooses the least and the last to accomplish God's will.  What could God do through you today?

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