Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank You, Veterans

Another powerful moment in worship yesterday...
Our Veterans stood, their family members stood, and any who have been affected by life with a veteran stood...  And we prayed for them.  They were blessed and thanked for their service - as well as for all the ways their lives have been changed by their experience.  They were blessed into knowing that God goes with them now, is in the memories of their time of service, is with their families in the love and thankfulness of having them home.

We prayed for all the ways their lives have been affected - the good and the bad.  And we thanked them for all they have done to ensure our freedoms and life as we know it.

Thank you, Veterans.  You are a blessing to all - and you don't get thanked often enough.  We treasure you, bless you, and honor you - today and everyday.  May you know God's blessing in each breath you take.

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