Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Few Good Men and Women - Recap

In the upper story, the surrounding nations are now watching with their eyes wide open how God deals graciously and justly with the nations of Israel.  They see how God disciplines them according to God's law, and how God intervenes and takes them back when they cry out for help.  This reveals the character of God and sends a loud message:  who would NOT want to be in a relationship with a gracious God like this?


Take some time this week to reconnect with the gracious God who walks beside you everyday.  What is standing in your way?

Also, try to establish a way to bring God to the forefront of your home.  How do you share your faith with your family as a way of nurturing the others in their faith walks as well?

Pray.  Ask God for guidance and wisdom as you seek to reconnect in powerful ways!

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