Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thinking About Chapter 8

Some reflection questions as you read Chapter 8:

1.  God used Israel's enemies to turn them back to God.  Have you ever had a painful or dangerous experience that led you back to God?

2.  Deborah's military leader was named Barak, which means "lightening" or 'flashing sword."  Did he live up to his name?  Describe a time when fear held you back from living up to the name "Christian."

3.  In the evil days after Joshua, "every man did what was right in his eyes."  In a pluralistic society, why is it dangerous when everyone gets to pick their own definition of right and wrong?

4.  What are some characteristics of Deborah that make her a good role model for young women?

5.  The angel of the Lord greeted Gideon as a mighty warrior though he was from the weakest clan and of the least in his family (p 89).  Do you tend to define yourself by your weaknesses or by the potential God sees in you because God is with you?

6.  Samson's strength did not make us for his moral weaknesses.  When has a strength of yours been insufficient to overcome your conditions?

7.  In examining Samson's marriages, what takeaways would strengthen yours?

8.  Think of some of the prayers in this chapter, such as Gideon's or Samson's.  What does this teach us about prayer?

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