Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday at SPUMC - April 11th, 2010

Holy Humor Sunday!  Celebrating the practical joke that God played on Satan when he raised Jesus from the dead!  In other words - a Sunday full of jokes, delightful music, lighthearted fun, and a sermon celebrating the Joy that God has brought into our lives!

The Education Hour kicked off the day with:
* The Children talked about the new life that God gave us through Jesus and were asked to use one of their gifts to serve God this week.
*  The Confirmands and Adults were invited into the Fellowship Hall to hear the faith story of Ryan W.  His story was a perfect example of how faith can bring you through anything - his wonderful attitude and sense of humor makes him a joy to continue to get to know!  (Next week, Jean K. will be sharing her story!)

And worship was delightful!  The music was great (Jennifer weaved non-traditional church music in and out during the service - including a little "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"!).  The kids sang a fun song - including a little dancing at the end!  The choir reminded us to "Wake Up, Church, Wake Up!"  All was fun and lively!

Dawn even had some fun with the powerpoint presentation this week - including an especially delightful picture of an angel, that any woman would appreciate!  (A handsome, young, shirtless angel...)  To which one of our confimands asked - "Hey!  Where's my angel?!"  Pastor Penny quickly went back to the slide of a toddler girl dressed as an angel and exclaimed, "Just wait a few years - there's a lot of potential here!"  Chuckles and laughter galore!

All of these fun ways to get us to laugh, giggle, and enjoy life - God loves it when we enjoy the gifts he has given!  So fun!

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