Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebration of Wonder

"Opening oneself up to wonder, to delight, is one of the best ways I know of cultivating the presence of God.  Without the ability to wonder, all things become commonplace.  But, when we open ourselves to wonder, everything is potentially sacremental.

"More than likely our children will awaken us to wonder.  As parents we may think a quiet stroll on the beach would be nice, but our children call us to activity - gathering shells, yelling into the wind, making footprint designs in the sand.  By entering into those experiences with abandon we stay in touch with celebration, with worship.

"From the microscopic picture of the crystalline structure of a snowflake to the clusters and superclusters of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars, it seems our world is designed to confound us, to stagger the imagination.  After centuries of study, astronomers and physicists have more questions than answers.

"Entering into awe with one's child is a delightful way of introducing a child to God.  In any one of our days there is enough all around us to "trigger a revelation," a peek into the incomprehensible beauty of God.  A cup of milk, a flexing elbow, a thundercloud - each is a potential pathway to God.  Being alive to the world nurtures a spirit of worship.  By entering into the mystery of "how could this be," we embark on an adventure along a wonder-strewn pathway toward infinity."
--Sara Wenger Shenk, "Why Not Celebrate!"

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