Monday, April 5, 2010


Our month of April is a month of Celebration!  We've learned and grown in some other Spirtual Habits - including Generosity and Thankfulness, Simplicity, Worship, Prayer, Fasting... and now, we're ready to CELEBRATE!

Did you even know that Celebrating is a Spiritual Habit?!

Well, yes.  God celebrates.  God invented DELIGHT.  JOY.  And...  CELEBRATION!

Celebration brings joy into life, and joy makes us strong!

Celebration is central to all the Spiritual Disciplines.  Without a joyful spirit of festivity the Disciplines become dull...  Every Discipline should be characterized by carefree gaiety and a sense of thanksgiving!

Celebration saves us from taking ourselves too seriously...

Celebration helps us relax and enjoy the good things of the earth.

An interesting characteristic of celebration is that it tends toward more celebration.  Joy begets joy.  Laughter begets laughter!

Joy - and celebration - is to be a hallmark of being a Christian.

So join us this month - join in the Celebration that God is Good - All the Time!

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