Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Trials of a King

Our role in life is to point people to God by the way we live our lives, prioritize, make decisions, treat people, and speak to people.  This is how we align our lives to the Upper Story.  We live each day with the notion that we are to be Jesus to the people around us.  This also includes how we handle life when we sin.  The world is watching.
David's response to the consequences of his sin reveals the character of God.  We see that God maintains God's role as holy and just.  We see a gracious and loving God who restored the relationship between God and David.  We see God redeeming the scandalous relationship between David and Bathsheba by placing their son Solomon in the lineage of God's son, Jesus.  We see God doing this over and over again - in addition to Bathsheba God placed Tamar in the lineage, along with Ruth and Rahab.

Applications for this week:
God wants us to walk in righteousness so others can see God through us.  God wants us to be like Uriah, who does right and lives his life with integrity, even when he could get away with things.  God wants us to be like Nathan, who had courage to confront a friend who had taken a wrong turn.  But God also wants us to be like David when we sin and hurt others.  The way we respond in those times can also give people one of the best glimpses of God.  God is gracious, forgiving, restores us.

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