Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chapter 12 Reflections

1.  List 3-5 lessons that you can apply to your own life from the episode of David's sin.

2.  God used Nathan to confront David about his sin.  Has anyone ever confronted you about a sin in your life?  Who has permission to be your "Nathan"?

3.  Compare David's confrontation with Nathan to Saul's confrontation with Samuel (p. 133 and 115-116).  What does David seem to understand that Saul does not?

4.  Psalm 32 (p. 135) shows what David felt like when he kept his sin a secret.  Do you have a secret sin?  How does keeping it secret affect you?

5.  After David's baby died, he arose and worshipped (p. 134).  What does this say about the nature of worship?  About David's ability to release the past?

6.  King David grieved over his son Absalom's death, even though Absalom had betrayed him.  Why do you think he reacted this way?

7.  David was not excited to give his time, money, and effort to building a temple he would not even live to see.  Is giving easy or hard for you?  How can you be a more cheerful giver?

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