Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday Recap

What a lovely Sunday!

We started during the Education hour with Jake and Melissa sharing their life and faith story - and what a story it's been!  We thank them for letting us be witnesses to their faith in times of struggle and challenge - and for letting us surround them with love and prayers!  Everytime their beautiful kids come running through the church door, we are reminded that God is present - everyday.

Worship was filled with Sandy's beautiful harp music and the sacrament of Communion; as well as one more story about King David (the juicy story about Bathsheba - and the amazing forgiveness that God gives) before we take a break from "The Story" for the rest of Advent.

After worship about 16 people went out to lunch at Old World Pizza and enjoyed a meal over wonderful conversation and lots of laughter!  12 of us then went over to the AMC theatres to watch some movies!  I haven't heard reviews on "Arthur Christmas" or "Happy Feet 2" yet, but "The Muppets" was a blast!

So many wonderful things happening at St. Paul's UMC - stories shared, stories read, and new stories being written!  It's a blessing to be a part of this community!

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