Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wandering - Chapter 6 Recap

God's GPS is instructing us on how to live life in the upper story where we find blessing and purpose.  God has the whole journey mapped out, from beginning to end, and God knows the best way to get us to our destination.  God is with us every step of the way, whether we're aware of it or not.  When food and water were withheld from the Israelites, it was because God was testing them to see if they would trust God.  If they trusted God in the wilderness, they would trust God in the final destination.  Their wilderness experience was to be an indicator, a sign to the watching nations about how life works when you put trust in God, who desires to be in relationship with us.  In order for God's grand scheme to work out, God's plan to get all the nations back, the children of Israel were going to have to trust God.

Application for this week:

The Christian life is like a road trip.  God wants to lead us every step of the way from God's GPS.  God sees the whole picture from beginning to end and God wants us to make it to the final destination and enjoy the journey, but we must trust God.  When God says go left, we should go...  Left!  When God says go right, we should go...  Right!  When God calls for us to stop, we should...  Stop! (Dead in our tracks.)  When God tells us to go faster we should put the pedal to the metal.  When God tells us to break down the barrier in front of us, no matter how big and bad it looks, we need to charge ahead in faith.

There are others in the car with us, who are affected by our decisions.  They will experience the blessings of our good decisions and the pain of our destructive decisions.  What choices are you making today?

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