Monday, September 26, 2011

Find Your Place

Another great Sunday service yesterday!  The pews were packed, many grandparents brought their little ones, Pastor Penny did a great sermon - as somebody said, "She did a great job 'channeling' Sarah!"

Remember - if you haven't gotten your copy of "The Story" for your household, we still have plenty!  We want everyone to be on the "same page" - literally!  So be sure to get a book from Megan!

Also, we have several opportunities to be involved and in conversation about our weekly readings - ways to ask questions, express thoughts and ideas, and learn with and through others' experiences:

**Sunday mornings, 9:30am, in the Multi-Purpose Room (formerly the Youth Room) - Andrea Larson leads a discussion about this week's reading.

**Tuesday evenings, 6pm, in the Library - Megan Adams takes you to the "Heart of the Story."  This discussion encourages you to find your place in God's grand story.

**Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm, in the Fellowship Hall - Pastor Penny leads a faith conversation into The Story, discussing questions and thoughts on last week's sermon and looking ahead to this week's sermon.

Have another time that would work better for your schedule?  Would you like to lead a small group?  Just let us know!  The more people who find a plce in the conversation, the better!

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