Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do I Trust?

God calls each of God's children, at various times, to follow God in ways that are risky and demand faith.  Look at your life and reflect honestly on these scenarios:

**When was a time God called me to step out in faith, but I missed the opportunity?
(Confess this to God and receive God's grace to let it go...)

**When was a time God invited me to take a bold step of faith and I followed God with confidence?
(Thank God for carrying you through that time...)

**Ask God to give you a sense of where God might be leading you in the future.  Commit to follow God, no matter what anyone else might say or think.

Hard stuff, huh?  But important to take notice of in our lives...
I think of risks in my own life when I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit, pushing me beyond my own comfort zone, desires, or wishes...  New jobs, new towns, new loves, ways that we step out in faith to help others...  God is in all of it!

Where is God leading you today?

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