Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Israel Trip - Day Six

Dear friends and family~

We've had a full day. Up early, breakfast, then on the bus to Masada...one of Herod's fortresses.

We took a cable car to the top, and toured the partially restored fortress. The view is magnificent. Masada is also the place where a group of Jews died rather than allow themselves to be enslaved by the Romans. The first picture is us with Israeli soldiers.

Our next stop was Qumran...the place where shepherd boys found the scrolls...books of the Bible...now called the Dead Sea Scrolls. The second picture is Cave 4, where many of the scrolls were found.

We floated in the Dead Sea, and now we are at Kibbutz Almog for the night. The third picture is of floating in the Dead Sea.


Dawn and Chuck

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  1. Dawn - The picture of you in the Dead Sea made me smile. What a fun thing to experience!