Friday, March 25, 2011

Israel Trip - Day Nine - Extra

Dear family and friends...

This evening after dinner, we met together as a group for the last time. Penny talked about using our senses as we worship...and asked us for ideas to make the space we were in feel more sacred to us.

We rearranged the chairs in a circle, found a table to put in the center, covered the table with a shawl someone had bought, and lit a candle in the center. Someone placed a Bible on the table, and tangerines and an orange.

Then Penny asked us to tell something that made us feel Jesus in our midst on this trip...Communion on the Sea of Galilee and in the Garden, singing with people from many places at St. Anne's, walking in the places Jesus and his Disciples walked, praying in holy places, meeting the people of this country, and learning to care about them.... Many of us had tears in our eyes. We aren't the same people we were before we came here....we've been changed.

We sang "Let Us Break Bread Together," shared Communion one last time and sang "Amazing Grace."

Some of us are leaving early in the morning....some WERE going on to Egypt, but couldn't,and their plane leaves for home Saturday afternoon.

Our group started out as several groups: some of us from St. Paul's UMC, some from Lac Qui Parle Lutheran Church in Dawson, Minnesota, and several people who worshipped in Christian churches where Terry was pastor. In 10 days we've come to really care about each other, and it's sad to say goodbye. We hugged, got a group picture, and cried a little more, too. It's been an amazing journey...VERY emotional and spiritually filling.

Dawn and Chuck

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