Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"The practice of Meditation includes: mulling over, chewing on and ruminating over God's Word and it's application; meditating on people - seeing them as God sees them and expressing delight in them as God does; paying attention to God with your body by slowing down, relaxing and breathing deeply; meditating on Jesus and Scripture...

"...The fruit of Meditation includes: seeing beyond a first glance and first impression to the heart of God; developing a depth of insight; experiencing calmness, serenity, and quietness stemming from an awareness of the nearness of God."
--Adele Calhoun, "Spiritual Disciplines Handbook"

We practice spending time focusing on God through scripture, nature, people, and events in order to experience the confidence that God is near and with us all of the time.  When we can live into that knowledge, we can live in peace and confidence in our daily lives.

How are you going to meditate on God this week?  What kind of meditation appeals to you?

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