Friday, July 2, 2010

Rosebud Reservation 2010 - Day 6

We're packed and ready to go.  Many of us with heavy hearts.

We began the day at devotions with the other groups for one last day...  A beautiful morning, outside, with the sun shining down on the Tree of Life grounds.  Russell inspired yet again.  Life is good.

We went back to the house, cleaned our rooms, the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and living room.  Loaded up the cars.  And took a couple of last minute photos as we headed out of town.
(Good-bye Guest House!  You've been a nice home for us this week!)
(The group in front of the Tree of Life storefront.)

9 hours back home.  We stopped for lunch... and later for gas (and ice cream)... and just kept driving!

Many of our conversations in the car centered around our experiences.  Questions we still had.  Hopes for the future.  Comparisons to past mission trips.  But yet... so much of it was hard to put into words.  It would take awhile for the a-ha moments, the confusion, the weights upon our hearts, and the inspired God whisperings to come to life and be able to put them into words...  (As I write this, it is actually July 14th and some of my feelings are still beyond the formation of words.)

But stay tuned!  And plan to be in church on August 1st - when we will tell you all about the trip and will be available to answer your questions!

"God has no hands or feet or voice except ours and through these he works."
--Teresa of Avila

"Good deeds are like a pebble cast into a pond: they create ripples that spread in all directions.  Our acts of service in our homes and communities become part of an ever-widening circle of compassion that eventually encompasses the entire creation.  In this interconnected world, we live locally knowing that our actions have an impact globally."
--Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, "Spiritual Literacy"

(Photos courtesy of Carol E. and Megan A.)

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